Intermodal Transportation is the method, where at least two diverse transportation modes are utilized without replacing the container. Being the first intermodal transportation company in Turkey, we enable our customers decrease their costs and we offer the most economical and environment-friendly solution through optimum transit periods.

The basic combinations we use are as follows;

  • Road + RO-RO + Rail
  • Road + Rail

The model to be used is determined mainly in terms of the following: final destination of the load, urgency, seasonal and economical factors.


For example:

Given conventional road transportation from Istanbul to Hamburg, distance is almost 2500 kms. Intermodal method for the same route, however, utilizes road for only 150 kms. As a result of this, fossil fuel consumption as well as carbon emissions are reduced.

 Intermodal Transportation - Sarp Intermodal

Intermodal Transportation - Sarp Intermodal