Simply, sustainability means using diligently any and all resources taking into account next generations. Sustainability depends on the common efforts made by involving parties for maintenance of resources. Whereas for supply chain, sustainability is possible by taking into consideration entire environmental, economical and social elements by all parties.

Sarp Intermodal regards these 3 elements. Because sustainability is a must!

Environmental Sustainability;

While forming the future of transportation, we are endeavoring to reduce adverse effects of our operations on the environment, in terms of climate change threat. Minimizing use of road to the extent possible, we are increasing the rate of rail or RO-RO transportation. For this, we preferred to use intermodal transportation in 2016 for 10.000 units, which enabled us contribute to protection of almost 400.000 trees, namely, a forest of 1055 hectare.

Economical Sustainability;

We are constantly enhancing operational efficiency, and providing economical sustainability to our customers. We are benefiting state-of-the-art and innovative solutions, and offering our customers diverse container-solutions. In order to optimize entire services, we regularly review and take necessary actions for our operations.

Social Sustainability;

The principles of social sustainability are based on our employees’ satisfaction. We provide trainings for continuous improvement. Moreover, Sarp Intermodal prefers the graduates of logistics departments for recruitment.