• Chemistry & petro-chemistry

Chemistry means life… Most of the industries rely on the products produced by chemistry industry.

Notwithstanding liquid or solid form, chemicals form the basis of food, medicaments and any and all daily products. Transportation companies may handle chemicals only if they are acquainted with the matter and possess appropriate equipment.

Chemicals industry require attention for 24/7. We very well know that chemistry industry does not tolerate any fault. We are aware of the requisites for your loads, such as transparency, safety, duly delivery, cost-efficient solutions, environmental regulations etc..

We offer you the most effective / affordable transportation modes.


  • Food

As food play a highly-important role in our lives, we must understand and improve the way of growth, process and handle. Generally, food industry is comprised of a complicated network of activities related to supply, consumption and catering. Processed food products as well as partly prepared “spontaneous” food packages are also a part of food industry.

  • Flexitank Services
  • Food warehouse containers
  • Reefer and dry containers
  • Intermodal transportation solutions
  • Warehousing and domestic distribution


  • Textile

Sarp Intermodal cooperates with fashion-specialized teams focused on planning, implementation and management of appropriate supply chain solutions for fast-moving garments industry.

Shaped according to your needs, we offer high quality services for end-to-end rapid supply for garments.

Our offers for textile industry:

  • Collections/services
  • Consolidation: consignees, a plurality of countries
  • Document check/preparation
  • Quantities and limited quality assurance
  • Loading optimization and specialized equipment
  • GOH storage, usage and special equipment


  • Automotive

Automotive transportation specialists are well-experienced individuals who clearly understand unparalleled ambient and challenges of such dynamic and global industry.

We are making our best efforts to offer our customers the most innovative and qualified solutions depending on requirements thereof.

Our specialties in automotive industry:

  • Supply chain control towers
  • Customs procedures
  • Load shipment network design
  • Transportation mode
  • Cross-docking
  • IT systems