Chemicals industry necessitates 24/7 diligence. We are well-aware of that chemicals logistic does not tolerate any fault and we very well know what shipments necessitate. Transparency, safety, duly delivery, cost-efficient solutions, environmental regulations and much more…at each and every step… While we integrate our services, we provide the most effective and cost-saving transportation modes to our customers.

  • Tank Container

Tank containers are secure, safe and cost-efficient transportation method allover the world for bulk liquids. Transportation of liquids, especially the hazardous types, require exclusive know-how and experience.

All our tankers are cleaned, inspected and approved by a third party inspector prior to loading. The main advantage of tank containers is availability for entire transportation modes.

  • Flexitank

Flexitank is a product, which is designed in compliance with 20 dry container, enables transportation of non-hazardous substances, and makes 20′ dry container eligible for transportation of liquid bulk products. Mineral oils, additives, oils, wine etc. of non-hazardous substances group, with s specific weight less than 1,5, and not fluid are eligible for such mode. Flexitank is a one-way and disposable product, which eliminates contamination possibility and is easily disposed without causing any environmental issue.

  • Container Liner

Also known as inner bag and liner bag, Container liner is a product, which enables transportation of a variety of substances in granule and powder form, and is made of high-resistant PE film. This is a transportation model which brings a wide range of benefits such as time-saving, labor-saving and cost-saving.