Being the first company in Turkey providing intermodal transport – an ever-developing sector in the world – services since 2014, Sarp Intermodal continues to diversify its investments and services in the field of intermodal transport. The Board Chairman Onur Talay has announced that they will start partial intermodal transports with 45′ containers. The preparations are now over and the service will be launched in November.


The intermodal transport mode usage has significantly increased in recent years in Turkey – although the usage ratio is not as high as the usage in Europe. Being one the first companies focusing on this field, Sarp Intermodal continuously extend its service network and increase its equipment diversity.

Noting that they are proud to be leading intermodal transport in Turkey, Sarp Intermodal Board Chairman Onur Talay made the following remarks: “Because of the responsibility we have taken on by being the first intermodal transport service providing company in Turkey, we extend our geography coverage year by year. By making use of the roads less and decreasing carbon dioxide emission, we believe that we fulfill our responsibility against our customers and the future generations. Thanks to the economic advantages we offer, we also provide our customers with a competitive edge.”<p<

First Priority is to Improve Intermodal Transport in Turkey!

Telling that they prioritize as an objective to promote the intermodal transport – a significantly economic and environmentally friendly transport model – to the entire Turkey, Talay further commented as follows: “The current share of intermodal transport in Turkey is around 1,5 to 2 percent while it is around 20 percent in Europe. However, it is possible that it will be highly preferred and dominate the sector within next 5 to 10 years.”

International Partnerships Provide a Major Source of Power!

Stating that they establish long term business partnerships with the companies dominating the intermodal transport market in Europe, Talay underlined that they have an ongoing business partnership with Gartner KG for 4 years and told that they have started to cooperate with Rat Logistics for dry-bulk goods last year.

Investments Mark the 4th Year!

Having organized the highest number of 45′ container transportations in Turkey last year, Sarp Intermodal has started this year with new container investments. Having made an investment for buying 100 45′ containers, the company has also invested in 50 ISO Tanks for the field of liquid transport where the company records sustainable growth in the last two years. After these investments, Sarp Intermodal currently have more than 500 45′ containers, 50 ISO Tanks, 60 Chassis and 30 trailers in its own fleet. The company has also purchased 10 chassis in 2017.

Nothing that the chassis and trailer investments will be used in transports from ports and terminals, Talay emphasized that they organize all operations for intermodal transport with their own vehicles. Telling that they prefer chassis specially designed for 45′ containers, Talay has stated that the lightweight structure of those chassis make the intermodal container transports more advantageous.

Announcing that they have concluded agency agreements with the most important companies in Europe, Talay underlined that: “We transport resin, plastifizer and oil with ISO tanks and we are on our way to becoming one of the key players of this market.”

Faster Growth with Different Equipment!

Nothing that they mainly provide services to food, automotive, textile and chemistry sectors, Talay told that they carry out 80 percent of the transports with 45′ containers and the remaining 20 percent with ISO Tanks. Emphasizing that they place importance to have different types of equipment in their fleet, Talay remarked that they believe that this will contribute to the fast development of both Sarp Intermodal and intermodal transport.

International Presence to Be Increased!

Stating that after opening their first international office in Italy, they have also made investments in Bulgaria, Talay told that they will perform operations in Bulgaria under ‘Sarp Intermodal Bulgaria’ name.

Giving information of the new company they have established, Sarp Intermodal Board Chairman Onur Talay further made the following remarks: “Since Bulgaria is a EU member state and allows free movement in Europe, we have made investments in Bulgaria. Its location’s being close to Turkey is another preference of choice.” Saying that the initial phase of this investment covers the purchase of 10 trailers for use between Bulgaria and other European countries, Talay has announced that their investments will continue for the next two years.

Investments Planned for Germany and UK!

Nothing that they aim to make investments in Germany and UK as well, after Bulgaria, Talay underlined that these offices aim for managing the transport organizations in these countries.

New Routes Planned after Russia and Ukraine

Stating that they have entered new markets to ensure sustainable growth, Talay further commented as follows: “We have established Mark Multimodal as a subsidiary of Sarp Intermodal for focusing on especially Russia and Ukraine. We have started to provide services in these countries by using our infrastructure. We believe that the trade activities between Turkey and Russia will boom in future.”

Mentioning also that their transports are mostly destined to the European countries, Onur Talay told that they select the countries they serve based on the lines of the railway and Ro-Ro operators and emphasized that the line or operator numbers should increase. Reminding that they have started to organize transports to Tunisia in North Africa, they closely monitor the developments on Kars – Tbilisi – Baku train line to be launched in future months.